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Who Discovered Pi 3.141592…?

We take the number Pi for granted as we take for granted all the perfect round shapes that surround us. We celebrated Pi on March 14 while we probably were annoyed by it in school. Still, Pi remains one of the fundamental numbers of Mathematics, a value that has reached us through a long history driven by the pursuit of precision and discovery innate in the human spirit. It took millennia to pin it down and many civilization got close to it by simple approximation.

The Misfortune of Walking Under a Ladder

Walking under a ladder is considered really bad luck, which really makes sense. The ladder might fall and cause harm to the daring soul who wants to challenge this superstition. Is the superstition just practical or are there are other reasons? How did this superstition evolve and what are its meaning? Is it just to protect our precious head or is there more?

When Did We Start Women’s Day?

March 8th in most of the world is International Women's day. A day were Women all of the world are celebrated. When did it start? Was there something similar in the past? What is the history behind it?

Where Does the Word “Amen” Come From?

Amen is a one of the oldest words still in use today. Its primary use is as a way of adding individual agreement to a prayer or other solemn religious ceremony and commonly used in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities. You don't have to be religious to say "amen," however! Many people often emphasize their agreement with someone's statement by uttering and emphatic "amen!" But what are its origin? Who used it first and how? How was it adopted by everyone else?

Where Do Wedding Rings Come From?

There are so many things that we use and believe without knowing its origins. Why is it traditional for married couples to wear a gold ring on their annular finger? Where does the tradition come from? How did it develop?

What is The Story of The Irish Shamrock?

In March finding a Shamrock is considered very lucky. The three leaves of a Shamrock are meant to represent hope, faith and love. A great omen. However, only the rare four leave clover is considered a bearer of good luck. So what is the difference between a clover and a Shamrock? Where do these beliefs originate? This is one of those traditions that can only be understood through looking back at its mysterious and fascinating story.

I just broke a Mirror! 7 Years of Bad Luck.. why?

Breaking a mirror is often associated with one of the worst event that could happen to a superstitious person. But why? When did this...

Where Do Knights Come From?

We all associate knights with chivalric tales of the Middle Ages: men in shiny armor who loved to joust and save damsels in distress....

What is The Senate? Where Does it Come From?

Where does the senate come from? Why do some states have a Senate? The senate is an old institution that has been around for thousands of years.

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