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Origins of Emperors, Kings, Kaisers, Rex, and Dictators

Emperor, King, Kaiser, König, Roy, Rey, Re... where do these titles come from? Some of these titles have shared origins, others are surprisingly...

The Discovery of The Exclamation “Eureka!”

Eureka is a word that was more common in the past but it's still relevant nowadays. The expression is mostly used to express triumph especially as a result of a discovery or brilliant intuition. In 1963, Eureka became also the State motto of California. "Eureka" itself is a very old expression that has a very precise origin connected with an ancient Discovery.

Why Do We Call It a Caesarian Section?

According to legend, Julius Caesar's mother gave birth to her son through a Caesarian section. Their have been many speculations and studies on this possibility. Was that actually possible over 2,000 years ago? If so, where the Romans so advanced? if not, when did Caesarian sections begin and why are they called like that? Are they named after Caesar?

Where Does the Word “Amen” Come From?

Amen is a one of the oldest words still in use today. Its primary use is as a way of adding individual agreement to a prayer or other solemn religious ceremony and commonly used in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities. You don't have to be religious to say "amen," however! Many people often emphasize their agreement with someone's statement by uttering and emphatic "amen!" But what are its origin? Who used it first and how? How was it adopted by everyone else?

Where Do French Fries Come From? France?

Have you always thought that French fries were invented by the French? If so, you might have to reconsider. Potatoes are indigenous to the Americas, but who was the first to fry this common staple food, and why do the French seem to get all the credit for this delicious snack?

Why do We Compare Apples to Oranges?

In the English language, we often compare apples to oranges to illustrate we are comparing two different things to each other and how those...

Why Wish Someone a Broken Leg?

Why do we wish our friends to "break a leg" when we wish them good luck? There are multiple explanations for this unique saying,...

The burden of White Elephant gifts

White elephants were considered sacred animals in south Asia, especially in Siam (now Thailand). However, the upkeep of these enormous beasts was quite expensive....

Did the Romans use Etcetera?

Etc. is an abbreviation that we use often in writing and in common speech. The expression became very popular in the 1950s. But is...

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