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When Did We Start Wearing Medical Masks?

In some regions of the world masks are used all the time whenever a cold arises as respect to others. In other instances masks are worn to protect our health in highly polluted areas. Since 2020, masks have become much more of a day-to-day needed accessory and a part of everyone's wardrobe. The idea of wearing a mask is to most a normal preventive measure to be used to safeguard everyone's health. This was not always the case. When did we start thinking that a mask could help? When did we realize that a medical mask is indeed useful to combat the spread of a cotangents?

What is The Story of The Irish Shamrock?

In March finding a Shamrock is considered very lucky. The three leaves of a Shamrock are meant to represent hope, faith and love. A great omen. However, only the rare four leave clover is considered a bearer of good luck. So what is the difference between a clover and a Shamrock? Where do these beliefs originate? This is one of those traditions that can only be understood through looking back at its mysterious and fascinating story.

When Were The First Eyeglasses Invented?

If you wear vision glasses chances are you probably wondered how miserable life must have been without eyeglasses. Well, you were right. Vision problems have been around much longer than eyeglasses for sure! Even when invented, eyeglasses did not become accessible to most until the 19th century. But how long have glasses been around then? Who invented them?

I just broke a Mirror! 7 Years of Bad Luck.. why?

Breaking a mirror is often associated with one of the worst event that could happen to a superstitious person. But why? When did this...

Let’s Shake Hands Shall We? Wait.. Why?

When did we start to shake hands? What was the meaning of the first hand clasping? Why do we shake our hands up and down? Find out here!

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