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Ancient Medicines Lost for 1000 Years

In the past if you had a headache there was no medicine cabinet or running to the pharmacy to get some quick fix medicines....

Flatbreads and The Evolution of Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular food in the world with consumption in the millions in every country of the world. These rounded, thin, flatbread with a variety of condiments are the real first street food of antiquity. Certainly, the historical birth saw the first pizza maker screaming "Eureka!" out of pure joy after the creation of this masterpiece. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, there was no addition to a cookbook or official date of "discovery". On the contrary, the birth of pizza is a symbol of food evolution driven by necessity and poverty. Nevertheless, even if the exact birthdate of pizza is unknown, the story of its evolution can help us appreciate the historical birth of Pizza.

Shining Light on Dark Streets

In the absence of a full moon the streets of ancient cities were pitch dark with almost no visibility. Muggers, thieves, and assassins thrived at night thanks to their ability to hide and surprise the unfortunate wanderer. In order to protect its citizens, ancient cities had to find ways to shine light on dark streets.

The Origin and Invention of Paper

The origin and invention of paper is a natural evolution of papyrus and parchment but made with a very different profess and with a unique history. Understanding who invented paper and how it replaced previous materials will make you appreciate even more this material. a different history and process. In fact, paper is one of those essential inventions that we really can't live without. Mail, bills, books, newspapers, receipts, checks, journals, and even money are all based on the invention of Paper.

The Ancient History of Tooth Replacement

Toothache is considered one of the worst pain we can suffer and most of us know how horrible it can be. In the past there were not many choices when toothache became so intolerable to limit even the most routine activities. The only option was extraction. What happened if you kept extracting teeth? Would you just remain toothless?

Who Invented the First Sword?

The sword. A blunt weapon that for millenia has been used to conquer, defend, kill and to show power and status. Who invented it? How did it come about? Was it found in different parts of the world at the same time? This common weapon has actually not been with us that long and was a natural evolution of an everyday object.

The Extraordinary Origin of Deodorants

Perspiration and body odor are not a modern day exclusive. We often think that people in the past "were just used to certain odors" more than we are today. Probably true, but a bad smell is still unpleasant. Our ancestors knew it and they tried different ways to solve the problem.

The Surprising Origin of Jeans

We all wear Jeans, from the cheapest to the most extravagant brands. We all claim that we do it out of comfort , but...

Where Does the Violin Come From?

Percussions, wind and string instruments have been around for a long time in the pursuit of entertaining people with music. The story of the violin is long and crosses many continents, although the violin as we know it today is fairly recent. When was it born? Where?

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