Libion McLear

The Dark Origin of Thumbs Up

Historically speaking, if someone gives you the ‘thumbs up” you should not be that excited. In fact, originally it meant that the thumb owner wished your death. Throughout time the meaning has morphed, yet the origin of this common gestures stems from the Roman Arenas and Gladiators; although Hollywood and the media has often portrayed the meaning of the “thumbs-up” incorrectly.

December 25th, the Birth of Christmas

and Santa Claus. The day is. however, the celebration of Christ’s birth, but why do we celebrate his birthday on December 25th? The December festivities have in reality a much deeper rotted tradition that surpasses than the birth of Jesus Christ; in fact, it is because of these long-standing traditions that the Early Roman Empire adopted December 25 in the year 336 AD to celebrate the birth of Christ.

The Beginning of Military Marching

arching in steps, cadence, military parades, and the beat of soldiers advancing in unison is a common image in modern and historical movies. Critiques often point out that marching in step is only a recent military drill often used by Hollywood for dramatic effect. However, careful examination of historical records shows that marching in steps has an ancient history by itself.

The Black Cat from Egyptian God to Evil Omen

The Black Cat from Egyptian God to Evil Omen. The symbol of bad luck, hunted, killed for centuries as a result of past superstitions.

The Lucky, Protective Powers of The Horseshoe

Horseshoes have been a symbol of protection and luck for centuries. Invented by the Greeks, used to fend off evil by Celts and Christians.

Why does it Costs an Arm and a Leg?

Why do we say that an expensive purchase costs an arm and a leg? Where does it come from? There are multiple theories. Let's explore them.

Measuring The Historical Yard

The Yard has an history of its own, its origin are a moving target and it took centuries to get to a standard that few countries still adopt.

Actors, Acting, and the birth of Theatre

Actors are often worship, but it not always like that. Actors, acting, and the birth of Theatre are a recent art, only 2.500 years old.

The Rebirth of Chocolate Bunnies and Easter Eggs

Some Easter traditions seem disconnected from the religious meaning. In particular, the rebirth traditions of chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs.

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