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December 25th, the Birth of Christmas

and Santa Claus. The day is. however, the celebration of Christ’s birth, but why do we celebrate his birthday on December 25th? The December festivities have in reality a much deeper rotted tradition that surpasses than the birth of Jesus Christ; in fact, it is because of these long-standing traditions that the Early Roman Empire adopted December 25 in the year 336 AD to celebrate the birth of Christ.

The Beginning of Military Marching

arching in steps, cadence, military parades, and the beat of soldiers advancing in unison is a common image in modern and historical movies. Critiques often point out that marching in step is only a recent military drill often used by Hollywood for dramatic effect. However, careful examination of historical records shows that marching in steps has an ancient history by itself.

The Black Cat from Egyptian God to Evil Omen

The Black Cat from Egyptian God to Evil Omen. The symbol of bad luck, hunted, killed for centuries as a result of past superstitions.

Actors, Acting, and the birth of Theatre

Actors are often worship, but it not always like that. Actors, acting, and the birth of Theatre are a recent art, only 2.500 years old.

Flatbreads and The Evolution of Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular food in the world with consumption in the millions in every country of the world. These rounded, thin, flatbread with a variety of condiments are the real first street food of antiquity. Certainly, the historical birth saw the first pizza maker screaming "Eureka!" out of pure joy after the creation of this masterpiece. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, there was no addition to a cookbook or official date of "discovery". On the contrary, the birth of pizza is a symbol of food evolution driven by necessity and poverty. Nevertheless, even if the exact birthdate of pizza is unknown, the story of its evolution can help us appreciate the historical birth of Pizza.

When Did We Start Wearing Medical Masks?

In some regions of the world masks are used all the time whenever a cold arises as respect to others. In other instances masks are worn to protect our health in highly polluted areas. Since 2020, masks have become much more of a day-to-day needed accessory and a part of everyone's wardrobe. The idea of wearing a mask is to most a normal preventive measure to be used to safeguard everyone's health. This was not always the case. When did we start thinking that a mask could help? When did we realize that a medical mask is indeed useful to combat the spread of a cotangents?

Why Do We Call It a Caesarian Section?

According to legend, Julius Caesar's mother gave birth to her son through a Caesarian section. Their have been many speculations and studies on this possibility. Was that actually possible over 2,000 years ago? If so, where the Romans so advanced? if not, when did Caesarian sections begin and why are they called like that? Are they named after Caesar?

The Ancient History of Tooth Replacement

Toothache is considered one of the worst pain we can suffer and most of us know how horrible it can be. In the past there were not many choices when toothache became so intolerable to limit even the most routine activities. The only option was extraction. What happened if you kept extracting teeth? Would you just remain toothless?

The Extraordinary Origin of Deodorants

Perspiration and body odor are not a modern day exclusive. We often think that people in the past "were just used to certain odors" more than we are today. Probably true, but a bad smell is still unpleasant. Our ancestors knew it and they tried different ways to solve the problem.

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