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The Lucky, Protective Powers of The Horseshoe

Horseshoes have been a symbol of protection and luck for centuries. Invented by the Greeks, used to fend off evil by Celts and Christians.

Measuring The Historical Yard

The Yard has an history of its own, its origin are a moving target and it took centuries to get to a standard that few countries still adopt.

Actors, Acting, and the birth of Theatre

Actors are often worship, but it not always like that. Actors, acting, and the birth of Theatre are a recent art, only 2.500 years old.

The Rebirth of Chocolate Bunnies and Easter Eggs

Some Easter traditions seem disconnected from the religious meaning. In particular, the rebirth traditions of chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs.

Ancient Medicines Lost for 1000 Years

In the past if you had a headache there was no medicine cabinet or running to the pharmacy to get some quick fix medicines....

Sleeping Beauty Waking Up Through The Ages

Sleeping Beauty waking up with a prince kiss is a tale millions of kids have enjoyed through the ages. In fact, the story has...

Origins of Emperors, Kings, Kaisers, Rex, and Dictators

Emperor, King, Kaiser, König, Roy, Rey, Re... where do these titles come from? Some of these titles have shared origins, others are surprisingly...

The First and Oldest Republics

There are many countries in the world that claim to be the first "true" Republic. Whether they are right or not, the concept of Republic is a very old one. In fact, different civilizations have adopted different types of republican systems for centuries. In all honesty, many of these civilization adopted a limited form of the republican system but still contributed to the ideology that most countries adopt today in one form or another, the representation of all the people.

America and The Naming of a New Continent

The Romans and the Vikings were probably the first non-natives to visit the Americas. Although not a well known fact, Roman coins were found in Canada, Florida and South America. Whether Romans did visit out of exploration or due to a shipwreck is unknown as no records remain of their visit. However, we do have records of Vikings' explorations of Northern Canada. The Viking did name the new continent but they also abandoned the New World thus making their exploration more a visit than a discovery. Thus, the naming of the new Continent did not happen until few years after Columbus' arrival to the new world. It took 15 years until another Italian explorer would be responsible for naming the New World.

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