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Hula Hoops: a 20th Century Fad 3,000 Years Old

In the late 50s and early 60s a Hula Hoop fad conquered the United Stated. Different sizes, different bright colors were spun around hips throughout the nation by wiggling hips. In merely six months in 1958, 20 million Hula Hoops were sold. A series of medical problems and emergencies swept the nation because of neck and hip injuries, but it did not stop the craze. This was a new and fun game! But it really was not new. The Hula Hoops craze started in ancient Egypt, sweeping Greece, Rome, and medieval Europe.

Why Do Some Countries Drive on the Left?

There are 75 countries in the world that drive on the left side of the road, roughly 31% of all the countries in the world. Most of these territories were at some point part of the British Empire and this alone is normally accepted as the reason. They are just "different". Unfortunately, why they drive on the left is not even the right question. The real question is "Why did every other country switch to driving on the right?".

Why do Barbershop Display White, Red, and Blue Poles?

Only a few centuries ago there was a profession that combined pulling teeth, sewing you up, and shaving you. These highly-skilled professionals were called...

Where Do Knights Come From?

We all associate knights with chivalric tales of the Middle Ages: men in shiny armor who loved to joust and save damsels in distress....

Let’s Shake Hands Shall We? Wait.. Why?

When did we start to shake hands? What was the meaning of the first hand clasping? Why do we shake our hands up and down? Find out here!

Why Would Knocking on Wood Bring me Luck?

Why do we knock on wood for good luck or to ward off bad luck? Different Origins, Similar Meanings There are a couple of theories...

Why Do We Flip People Off? Why One or Two Fingers?

Origin of Flipping Off Flipping people off is as old as mankind itself. The one finger flip and the two finger flip seem to have...

Welcome to History Alive Today: A Special Welcome

Welcome to the newly launched "History Alive Today" website. The intent of this new site is to bring you fun snippet of history that...

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