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Where Does Spaghetti Come From? No, Not China

There are tons of stories around the origin of spaghetti that we all know and love. A common legend tells of the Venetian Marco Polo bringing spaghetti from China. Well, think again. That legend has been debunked by historians decades ago. So, where do they really come from?

Where Do Wedding Rings Come From?

There are so many things that we use and believe without knowing its origins. Why is it traditional for married couples to wear a gold ring on their annular finger? Where does the tradition come from? How did it develop?

Where and When Were Pants Invented?

To many it might seem that "pants" or "trousers" are a common logical piece of clothing. Yet, have you ever seen a Greek Philosopher, a Roman Emperor, or an Egyptian Pharaoh wearing them? Where do they come from? When did they become popular?

When Were The First Eyeglasses Invented?

If you wear vision glasses chances are you probably wondered how miserable life must have been without eyeglasses. Well, you were right. Vision problems have been around much longer than eyeglasses for sure! Even when invented, eyeglasses did not become accessible to most until the 19th century. But how long have glasses been around then? Who invented them?

Who Invented The Wheel 5,500 years ago?

The Wheel is one of those human designed objects that doesn't even seem like an invention. It simply feels like they have always been around, but they actually haven't. The term itself "reinventing the wheel" is often used when pointing out when a very basic and stupid statement is made. Yet, the invention of the wheel itself is nothing but simplistic.

When Did We Start Using Candles?

Candles as we know them are not an ancient invention. The dark nights for many millennia were made brighter by fires and oil lamps before the candle came to "light". There are historians that assume that candles have been around for thousands of years, but since they these objects burn away, there is not proof that they existed.

Where do Pretzels Really Come From?

The crisscross-shaped pretzels are often associated with Danish, Scandinavian, or German treats. They did, however, not originate in northern Europe.

When Were Fizzy Drinks Invented?

Fizzy (carbonated) drinks--whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic--have been around since humans learned about the fermentation of foods. Every region on earth has produced some sort...

When Did We Start Using Glass Windows?

We take windows for granted. Windows protect us from the cold, keep the warm or cool air inside our homes, and buffer noise. But...

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